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The right combination of quality and reliability. A card can be swiped through the reader in one or both directions and the reader’s microprocessor automatically detects and rejects read errors. The reader can have different configurable output modes, i.e. 26-bit Wiegand, 34-bit Wiegand, ABA-Clock & Data and ABA-Wiegand. Some readers can be installed on existing systems. The different output modes are obtained by connecting the proper wires during installation, to program the reader. Readers can be connected to an alarm panel or to an intercom’s door call input.

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    Hardware There are many different types of doors and each door or entrance requires a different kind of hardware to secure the doorway. Know your counties egress codes are essential to protect human life in the event of a fire or other security risk. Other items that will dictate hardware are: Power Considerations Power Supply Continue Reading

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    Office Cabling and Wiring The objective in every cable or wire installation project is to install a structured wire or cable system that will have and meet the flexibility requirements that accommodate a wide variety of changing needs of your office. This will be the “communication foundation” for all of your office needs. Our services Continue Reading

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    Planning Access Planning your building’s security is a combined effort of all members responsible for the integrity and security of your building. We can meet with all responsible members and formulate a great system, its installation and develop an access strategy of access for your building. This plan will start from the basics and contain Continue Reading