Paging System

paging_speakerWarehouse Paging

Warehouse paging seems to be a lost art in today’s commercial market. Reliance upon vendors with insufficient experience produced poor results in the implementation of the quality of sound for a warehouse. Clearly heard paging broadcasts in the warehouse are a necessary part of your business if you plan on operating an efficient business. The inability of hearing the page announcements over speakers causes reduction of responses to client needs, delayed interaction with clients and unnecessary loss of time. With the decline of manufacturing plants and the reduction of warehouse space the profession has merged with other wiring professions that cause the craft to become deluded with the misunderstanding of how sound should be heard in a warehouse.

Rottweiler offers several manufactures of hardware for paging applications. Brands like Toa, Bogen, Atlas are just some of what we install and service. What we offer – works. The cost to do a proper implementation of sound devices will benefit your business if installed in the correct way. When the installation has been completed you probably will not revisit the actual quality of the sound for some time. However, you may place some new inventory in areas that block the sound from penetrating areas that once were clearly heard. When that happens, give us a call and we will make the necessary additions, modifications or relocations of hardware necessary to produce a clear page.

Invest wisely in this once and do it right! It is very difficult to fix an poor install as paging is more about the right selection of hardware, properly installed, than about running wires in the upper deck. You have to envision what the noise factors are and what the impact is on the sound devices placed in various locations.

We also provide paging and background music over the same system that includes the offices. When the announcement is placed and telephone hung up, you have the option to “deaden background noise”.

Ceiling speakers come in a variety of colors and can be 25V, 70V, powered or 4/8 ohm combinations depending on your requirements.

Warehouse Cabling and Wiring

The objective in every cable or wire installation project is to install a structured wire or cable system that will have and meet the flexibility requirements that accommodate a wide variety of changing needs of your office. This is no different for a warehouse paging applications. Quality workmanship here will provide you with a better sounding system that the wah-wah-wah of so many installations in Atlanta. If you want a quality sound, we are the right ones to do this for you.

Our services include new installations, upgrades, and moves, adds, and changes to existing wiring solutions. Rottweiler provides all required cable, cable hardware, wiring materials and labor installation services for:

  • Certified Voice Cabling of any type (Cat3 to Cat 6) tested and certification of associated cables. Wiring for both VoIP phone systems and upgraded cable installations for traditional business telephone systems.
  • Certified Data Cabling of any type (Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 or Level 7) tested and certification of associated cables.
  • Certified Fiber Cabling of both multi-mode fiber or single-mode fiber.
  • Furnish and install wiring closet wall or floor mounted racks, cable pathways and structure for MDF or IDF closets.
  • Certification and prints with test results of associated wire or cable plant where applicable.
  • Wiring for Security systems, Fire systems, Card Access Systems and CCTV Camera Systems.


We specialize in many types of wired systems and lessons learned from the previous 30 years of installation experience have taught us to always be flexible. That is why we implement a higher standard than a quick in and out wire installation.

The services we provide go way beyond the list that you see on this page. If your project involves any low voltage installation, security, electronics, computers, energy management or networking and remote control system – give us a call. The chances are we will be able to afford the right solution for your cable or wiring needs.