Fiber Install

Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts series      Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts series      Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts series

Applications that require fiber optic cables continues to increase. From Surveillance cables, video conferencing, patient cat scans or just increased bandwidth we install and provide all types of fiber optic cable installation services. OSP, underground, multi and single mode are only a few of the types of fiber we install. We also extend or terminate the fiber to your business network as needed.

Fiber Optic cables are efficient and powerful. They can be used inside of a building in situations where data must cross a long distance. Warehouse applications are present when data from an office area must reach the warehouse floor. Fiber allows this to happen quickly and with high-quality results. Intra-office networks can also use cable to maximize data mobility. We can connect a standard Cat5 with fiber to improve or expand an existing system. Fiber can allow two buildings to have a private network, despite distance. We are able to connect your building to the main fiber network via buried conduit. All of our fiber installations include a 2 year warranty.

Fiber optic cables uses a standard approved by the Fiber Optic Association and published by ANSI/NEIS Standard 301. This standard covers inside premise, outside plant fiber and raceway requirements used in cable installations. If you are in discussion about fiber installation and who you are talking to does not know this standard, you are then talking to someone who is probably unskilled in the craft of fiber installation.

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