Data Cabling

The Rottweiler Difference

LVUcertEach year, millions of dollars are re-invested for cable replacement that could have been avoided. And the cost difference for a higher quality cable installation was often negligible.

Hosted PBX standards, as with all IP communications platforms, require a higher level of guaranteed delivery of packet information. If your Hosted PBX solution is giving you chips, static and jitters, it might just be the cable that was used or poor quality installation. VoIP works and it is here to stay. If you intend installing a cable or fiber backbone for your office, Rottweiler has the tools and expertise to insure a quality cable installation. After all…you do want it to work the first time right? Rottweiler is the only company offering a Life Time Guarantee on its installations! Call (770) 529-5678 to schedule a free no-obligation consultation.

techCable and wire installed by professionals, tested by certified installers and appropriately labeled with destination locations will create an efficient system with the highest voice quality and data transfer capability. It is the only standard delivered by Rottweiler. So if you are looking for a 5 diamond installation team, you have come to the right place. Rottweiler, the standard in high quality, VoIP grade cable installations.

Business cable and wire requirements today require a structured cabling system that serves as the backbone of their entire communications network. Technicians and installers employed by Rottweiler are fully trained and licensed by the State of Georgia on the installation of both older Category 5 and 5e wiring standards and newer 6 UTP(unshielded twisted pair), STP (shielded twisted pair) structured cabling fiber cable installation and associated standards.


Properly engineered, your communications and computer network should ensure that your business will achieve the performance necessary without bottlenecks caused by untrained and non-certified cable and wire installers. We also provide you with drawings, the test results and other documentation necessary that illustrates a professional cable or wire installation. You may need some additional help down the road as you continue to grow and change, we have been here for years and support over 800 local businesses with their communications, security and network wiring.

Office Cabling and Wiring

The objective in every cable or wire installation project is to install a structured wire or cable system that will have and meet the flexibility requirements that accommodate a wide variety of changing needs of your office. This will be the “communication foundation” for all of your office needs.
Our services include new installs, upgrades, and moves, adds, and changes to existing wiring solutions. Rottweiler provides all required cable, cable hardware, wiring materials and labor installation services for:

  • Certified Voice Cabling of any type (Cat3 to Cat 6) tested and certification of associated cables. Wiring for both VoIP phone systems and upgraded cable installations for traditional business telephone systems.
  • Certified Data Cabling of any type (Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 or Level 7) tested and certification of associated cables.
  • Certified Fiber Cabling of both multi-mode fiber or single-mode fiber.
  • Furnish and install wiring closet wall or floor mounted racks, cable pathways and structure for MDF or IDF closets.
  • Certification and prints with test results of associated wire or cable plant where applicable.
  • Wiring for Security systems, Fire systems, Card Access Systems and CCTV Camera Systems.


We specialize in many types of wired systems and lessons learned from the previous 30 years of installation experience have taught us to always be flexible. That is why we implement a higher standard than a quick in and out wire installation.

The services we provide go way beyond the list that you see on this page. If your project involves any low voltage installation, security, electronics, computers, energy management or networking and remote control system – give us a call. The chances are we will be able to afford the right solution for your cable or wiring needs.

Wiring Standards

Every month we at Rottweiler repair service issues that are overlooked by un-certified, untrained and unlicensed installers or installed using substandard wire imported from third world countries. If you pay retail for installation, receive a quality installation using cable that is guaranteed a commercial standard from Rottweiler?

Networks change, wiring standards change and so does the wire used to run a network. What you knew about networking last year may no longer be the current standard. Keeping current with the standards of wiring and cable installation is necessary if you want to offer your client a network designed for their hardware. Problems created by poor installation, cable manufactured outside of the current wiring standards and installed by untrained individuals cost businesses millions of dollars in both unproductively and data loss.

The organizations or associations that set wiring standards are groups of professionals that define what the wiring standards are for the evolving networks of today’s business world. Manufacturers adhere to those standards by manufacturing cable to meet the cable-performance specifications defined in the wiring standard. Cable designed 5 years ago was made with the standards set at that time and may not necessarily meet the standard for your equipment today. Some of the associations that set the standards are:

logo no tagline   NECA   ANSI  TIA   NEMA   ECIA

If you want to install the cable correctly one of the requirements you must follow is the ANSI/NECA/BICSI-568-2006 standard. This standard describes minimum requirements and procedures for that installation. This standard covers the infrastructure for telecommunications that includes balanced twisted pair copper cabling and optical fiber cabling that will transport telecommunications signals (e.g., voice, data, video). This standard describes the necessity for the work to be done in a “neat and workmanlike manner,” which is also referenced in ANSI/NFPA 70 and , the National Electrical Code® (NEC).

Referenced in Article 800.24 of the National Electric Code it is noted that “Mechanical Execution of Work, as a Fine Print Note that states: Accepted industry practices are described in ANSI/NECA/BICSI-568-2006, Standard for Installing Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling;…” The 2008 National Electrical Code Standard is the standard for the installation and is also used as a a safety code that is widely used in the USA. This standard also points to ANSI/NECA/BICSI standards as a best practices resource.

Structured Cabling

What is Structured Cabling?


The term “structured cable” is defined as the methods used for the installation of cable, wiring and associated hardware that is the cabling infrastructure in your office or commercial building. The term “cable” can also include the installation of fiber between buildings or floors. Structured cable standards also include the layout and installation of the data racks necessary for the termination of the various subsystems that require specialized cabling. Mounted inside of the data racks are various patch panels, horizontal and vertical wire management for patch cables, power distribution and switches that will interface to the networked hardware.


Why Rottweiler Systems?


Business cable and wire requirements today require a structured cabling system, and associated sub systems, that serve as the backbone of your entire communications network. Seasoned knowledge of the various

subsystems of structured cable allow our customers a better installation, better structure compliance and greater installation satisfaction. Technicians and installers employed by Rottweiler are fully trained and licensed by the State of Georgia on the installation of both older Category 5 and 5e wiring standards and newer 6 UTP(unshielded twisted pair), STP (shielded twisted pair) structured cabling fiber cable installation and associated standards of Ethernet cabling systems, video and security.

We also provide residential structured cable installations for entertainment areas as well allowing our customers access to seasoned installers for their homes. Home Automation subsystems require a consist ant level of quality installation that is higher than offered with less seasoned installers. Make sure your installer is certified and licensed. Both cable and wire installations are qualified products for our BACR program.

We also install both multi-mode and single-mode fiber cable installation as well as termination and design services. We can construct any cable or wire installation platform with our certified Georgia unrestricted licensed installers. With a team effort we design, construction and support all of your wire and cable needs for both your voice and data needs.