Card Access

Planning Access


Planning your building’s security is a combined effort of all members responsible for the integrity and security of your building. We can meet with all responsible members and formulate a great system, its installation and develop an access strategy of access for your building. This plan will start from the basics and contain all the essentials to provide a safe and secure environment for employees and protect the integrity of areas that need to be secured.

Items to Consider:

  • Number of Areas of Access
  • Software Interface
  • Network Configuration
  • Photo Badges
  • System Remote Access
  • Install Area of the System and Associated Hardware
  • Access to Dedicated Electrical Outlet

moneyCost Savings

Having your structure secure offers a multitude of benefits for your business and employees. Card access gives those entering the structure a sense of security knowing that only those who have a right to be in the building have access. Every year businesses deal with situations which could have been avoided by a simple card access system. Individuals having access to servers, bookkeeping, payroll data and employee files create security concerns. Card access reduces the risk of corporate espionage, physical attacks on employees, and theft of materials. These are just a few benefits card access systems provide.

Growth and Flexibility

We have the solutions for a company of any size. From single door access to multiple doors and multiple locations we can design and implement a system to exceed your expectations. But the system is only a start to the security of your facility. Types of doors, locations for power supply units and proper installation are all very important.  You can learn more about all the flexibility of the Keyscan family.

PoE Single Door Controller

Smaller buildings and facilities can still have the same robust system as you would find in the larger systems. We have Access Control solutions from a single door to multiple sites, multiple doors and software to fit your needs. If all you want is a single back door with a dial pad entry, we can assist your need. We can also install and service other types of entry systems that give a door single access.

Keyscan 250

The Keyscan 250 Unit is a single cabinet and contains the necessary circuitry to control two doors. Audit trails of individuals that access and pass through an accessed area are made when they activate the HID device. Very flexible and the ability to grow make the Keyscan 250 a great place and choice to start. With the ability to manage up to 32000 cards and it is designed for the company with two primary areas of controlled access. When you outgrow its capability you may add an additional Keyscan 250 cabinet thus allowing you to grow while still maintaining the existing investment of hardware.

Keyscan 4500

When you have fewer than 4 areas of Card Access to maintain, then the Keyscan 4000 system is the next step in the security of your buildings. Areas of increased sensitivity may dictate a larger system but you may add an additional layer of security like CCTV Cameras.

Keyscan units interface with certain CCTV camera systems so that a constant audit is available both by the card that accessed the area and the person who used the card. The Keyscan unit has all the necessary circuitry to allow up to four doors of access.

Keyscan 8500

For those areas with fewer than eight doors the Keyscan 8000 unit is the unit of choice. This cabinet can grow also and you can interface other sites as well to combine a platform to multiple sites and multiple units.

Gated Systems

We also service gated communities that need a company to service the existing system.

Software Interface

Aurora Software

The current software used in current Keyscan systems is Aurora software.  If you are looking to upgrade from your current software to Aurora, you must verify that the card access system is compatible with the Aurara software.

System VII Software

walking[1]System VII has eclipsed Keyscan’s previous System V access control software. System VII successfully builds on the reliability and ease of use that System V software was known for. System VII delivers major advanced functionality and unprecedented security solutions. System VII Software allows for migration to newer software and still allows for existing hardware to remain in the system. HID devices, Prox Cards, security devices and power supplies. Rottweiler Systems, your local Keyscan card access dealer, services all versions of Keyscan software and units. When you need us, we can render the support that you need.


For service, support or to speak with a service representative call.  770-529-5678

Microsoft Vista™ Compatible

Although System VII may be compatible to work on a Windows Vista, most businesses have abandoned the operating system altogether.  However System VII still will work on Microsoft Windows 10 platforms.

SQL Server 2005 ExpressSystemVII_Insert

System VII delivers a completely new experience with its Active Mapping module. Build true dynamic maps that provide a real-time visual representation of site and building activity.

Active Mapping

Ready when needed System VII software is equipped to support the largest corporate enterprise.

High Resolution Interface

Users will enjoy the slick high resolution design that is easy on the eyes and better yet, easy to navigate!

System VII Licenses

System VII software requires a licenses that is obtained with the software at the time of purchase. Depending on your sites requirements, there maybe additional software that has to be purchased depending on your specific needs. Each software package has its own requirements:

  • DVR Interface
  • Photo Badges
  • Netcom2
  • Wireless
  • Web Access Management



All services provided by Rottweiler are eligible for remote and on-site support services. Remote access will save time and money over traditional support services. System VII online support services will also be available. If you need help with you system we are happy to assist. In addition, new advances in the industry have created some applications that can be used on mobile phones, tablets, and computers to control your controlled access system.


There are many different types of doors and each door or entrance requires a different kind of hardware to secure the doorway. Know your counties egress codes are essential to protect human life in the event of a fire or other security risk.


Other items that will dictate hardware are:

  • Power Considerations
  • Power Supply Locations
  • System Type and Size

System Wiring

There are also different kinds of wire that need to be installed based on the requirements of egress, power draw and the fire codes for the county of the structure. Some of the devices that need to be wired are:

  • Emergency push to exit
  • Mag or Strike
  • Motion Release Detector
  • Network wires
  • CCTV Cameras

System Hardware Devices

It is impossible to list all the possible devices that would be necessary on your system. But we have listed some to help you in your consideration as you choose to install your system. The devices are listed below:


Altronix Power Supplies

Altronix Power Supplies are some of the best on the market and they offer a full variety for most system needs, however depending on egress, you may need another manufacturer.

600 or 1200 Door Mags

Doors vary in size, shape, weight and the material that they are made out of. Again the list is endless of the types of Mags that could be installed. Read more..


Card or Keyfob HID Devices

Even the access type has choices. You may find that some employees only need a Keyfob. Others because of handicap issues may need an additional resources to allow access. Read more..

Biomatrix Devices

You may need an even more levels of security. Biomatrix devices take it to the finger print or face impressions.