Fire Systems

We have a NICET certification for installing and maintaining fire systems. Warehouses, businesses, and schools all need reliable and code compliant systems. The last thing you want when building a new structure is to have to fix a fire system when the code inspector says you don’t have the correct pull stations or exit signs. We know the code and have worked with inspectors, so we can ensure that your system will be compliant. In addition, you want to ensure that everyone in your building is safe. If there were to be a fire, you want to ensure that everyone is safe and that you minimize the damage done to physical property.

System Design

We have a proactive approach to fire systems. We take the time at the beginning of the process to identify all the necessary equipment needed to create a high-quality fire system. We will do our best to present the entire cost of the system at the beginning.

Fire System Installation

Fully Tested

We check our systems to ensure that they work correctly. While it may seem that fire systems are a significant upfront cost for building owners, it is necessary to ensure the safety of your workforce, students, or visitors. We want to ensure that if a fire were to happen, you can be assured that it will be caught quickly, authorities are alerted as soon as possible, and that everyone is able to get to safety.

Industry Standard

We ensure that the components of your system are of the highest industry standards. We do not install sub-par equipment. We ensure that our products are reliable. We do not choose the cheapest product out there so we can underbid our competition. Instead, we have integrity while selecting our partners. We make sure that the parts are certified by the appropriate organizations and meet industry standards.


Our Services

  • Budgeting and Design We know that your business has specific needs and financial stipulations. We will work with you to meet your building’s individual needs.
  • Permitting and Approval We will work with you to complete the necessary documents, work with the right people, and ensure that your fire system is approved.
  • System Testing We test the functionality of our systems prior to completion so you can be assured your building is truly protected.
  • Certified and Warranty We warrant our systems and will help draw together all necessary documents to get your building ready for move-in.