Don’t Settle for Average Performance!

If you have an average cable installation technician install the data cable for your small office, you’ll get average performance. But if you want to get the maximum performance out of your cable investment, you’ll want more than just a jack on the end of a cable.
We will show you the test results for the cable just installed. Just as in other performance products if you never test it, you’ll never know if it was installed properly and according within the tolerance manufacturer specifications. We take this step to save you the pain of data corruption and slow networks.

Don’t assume that all cable installers are the same. The truth is that the majority of wiring installers have no certifications, no testing equipment, and don’t have the tools to properly install the office cabling you need. Cheap Jacks, generic cable without certifications, and improperly trained or amateur personnel are all contributing factors in inconsistent data cable performance.
We offer a professionally installed and reliable cable installation that will help your business operate efficiently: no more data corruption or slow network speeds. No more installation nightmares!


The company that you select should have the ability to deliver on-site service as needed. We have been in the business of business telephone systems since 1980. Our knowledgeable and certified technicians will provide the support your business needs.

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