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Card access cable and wire installation

  • Card Access Hardware

    Hardware There are many different types of doors and each door or entrance requires a different kind of hardware to secure the doorway. Know your counties egress codes are essential to protect human life in the event of a fire or other security risk. Other items that will dictate hardware are: Power Considerations Power Supply Continue Reading

  • Card Access Software

    Software Interface Aurora Software The current software used in current Keyscan systems is Aurora software.  If you are looking to upgrade from your current software to Aurora, you must verify that the card access system is compatible with the Aurara software. System VII Software System VII has eclipsed Keyscan’s previous System V access control software. Continue Reading

  • Wiring Standards

    Wiring Standards Every month we at Rottweiler repair service issues that are overlooked by un-certified, untrained and unlicensed installers or installed using substandard wire imported from third world countries. If you pay retail for installation, receive a quality installation using cable that is guaranteed a commercial standard from Rottweiler? Networks change, wiring standards change and Continue Reading