Card Access Hardware


There are many different types of doors and each door or entrance requires a different kind of hardware to secure the doorway. Know your counties egress codes are essential to protect human life in the event of a fire or other security risk.


Other items that will dictate hardware are:

  • Power Considerations
  • Power Supply Locations
  • System Type and Size

System Wiring

There are also different kinds of wire that need to be installed based on the requirements of egress, power draw and the fire codes for the county of the structure. Some of the devices that need to be wired are:

  • Emergency push to exit
  • Mag or Strike
  • Motion Release Detector
  • Network wires
  • CCTV Cameras

System Hardware Devices

It is impossible to list all the possible devices that would be necessary on your system. But we have listed some to help you in your consideration as you choose to install your system. The devices are listed below:


Altronix Power Supplies

Altronix Power Supplies are some of the best on the market and they offer a full variety for most system needs, however depending on egress, you may need another manufacturer.

600 or 1200 Door Mags

Doors vary in size, shape, weight and the material that they are made out of. Again the list is endless of the types of Mags that could be installed. Read more..


Card or Keyfob HID Devices

Even the access type has choices. You may find that some employees only need a Keyfob. Others because of handicap issues may need an additional resources to allow access. Read more..

Biomatrix Devices

You may need an even more levels of security. Biomatrix devices take it to the finger print or face impressions.