A.Structured Cabling Solutions

blueprint-964630_960_720In today’s economic times saving money is of vital importance. Often financial seepage occurs due to the lack of continuity from the business planning to daily operations of communications maintenance. When you think about it down time issues often are the plague of many businesses and every-time you hear or say our computers or telephone system is down you are already planting the seeds of a better Structured Cabling Solution provider.

Properly installed structured cable systems need little maintenance but if cables are not labeled, jacks mislabeled or no visible floor plan in the communications closet someone is spending your businesses financial resources trying to locate or identify a station cable because the wrong installer was chosen from the start. These are just a few of the issues with structured cable systems and there are some other areas that should be flags to avoid.

If your installer is not licensed, don’t use them. Today electrician’s, computer repairman, greedy dial-tone salesmen and many others are out there trying their hands, at your expense I might add, charging for cable installation that they are not licensed to do.  We all learn from it at some point, be willing to pay a professional.  You’ll save thousands of dollars in the long run and save countless hours trying to identify cables that should only take minutes.

Here are a few tips;

  • Ask to see the low voltage license. You can verify the LVU on the NLVCA website. If the installer does not have one and you let them continue, you have made a costly mistake.
  • When you sit down to discuss your cable installation, ask to see the person you are in discussion with their license. They are wasting your time and in the end will waste your money, not theirs.
  • Ask for a copy of the Insurance Certificate with you as an additionally insured.  Installation of cables require work on ladders.  Believe it or not, workers fall off ladders.  When they do they get hurt the will often require medical attention.  One thing I can promise you is that their attorney will not care that the contractor was the low bidder.
  • Get certifications after the install that verifies cable lengths and cable performance.  This usually costs a little more but what you get in return is a foot print of the actual job that you think you are paying for.
  • Get the “As Built”.  An “As Built” shows the location of the cable and should include a booklet of the type of cables, locations and modifications after completion of the project.  It also usually shows specs on jacks or other hardware used in the job.  If you have a product recall a quick look at the as build records will provide the information necessary to address the recall information.
  • Warranty, get it in writing!

If you do those few things you will save thousands and quite honestly would have found your investment of time reading this article well worth your time too.

6466289577_4796359f02_oproject2Have you ever seen a mess of cords that looks nonsensical and haphazardly designed? It leads to inefficiency in you network systems. It makes repairs or adjustments much more expensive because of the time and labor needed to sort out the mess or wires.  Don’t let your network be a mess! We design beautifully organized cable networks! Our closet designs are neat and efficient. We provide a detailed layout of the cable structure and offer a two year warranty on our work. It makes it easy and efficient!

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