C.Fiber Testing

Light testing only indicates that the fiber has visual pass through but does not indicate the actual bandwidth expectation you may desire.  Although certification testing costs more, you may find this a necessity if you are going to press the fiber to it’s limits for bandwidth.

We specialize in all forms of cable, wire and fiber installation. When you mention fiber you are in need of bandwidth and the installation practices become vital if you want to achieve the bandwidth you are looking for. We provide the professional fiber installation services your businesses needs. More than just the fiber installation, we also provide a whole family of fiber considerations;

  • Multi-mode Fiber or Single mode fiber
  • Media Converters, their locations and position on the network
  • Structured Cabling and intersection to diverse networks
  • Design Services for all areas of the fiber backbone.

You may also need a buried conduit to bring in fiber from the street or have a need of aerial fiber across multiple structures.  We can assist with these as well or as needed. Call Today! 770.529.5678